What Our Members Say.

This is our first year as a society and using your site and I really don't think we would have got off the ground without it. It makes the whole thing so much easier for everyone. Many thanks.

I would just like to say that I have been using your site for 5 years now and I think it really is amazing and so helpfull to a handicap secretary. Thanks once again.

The website is fantastic. All our members, or those who don't know me, think I'm very clever!! The site has definitely given our society that bit of extra momentum to get off to a good start.

Came across the site by chance and within minutes I knew it was a real gem of a find. The facilities offered are brilliant and the site is ideal for a small society like ours.

Thank you for such a fantastic site. It has made life so much easier for the 80 or so members that we have. Keep up the good work, thanks again.

Once agin could I thank you for such a great web site, our 40 members think it is brilliant and has added a new surge in interest in getting to matches etc.

This is our 5th year in existence and 5th year of registration on your web site. I would just like to congratulate and thank you for the wonderful facility you provide which makes the job of society secretary much much easier.

Just to say a big thanks to Mike Jeffery you saved my bacon thanks again. This site is the best thing that has happened to golf societies in a very long time I will defo be recommending this site to all our fellow golfing societies in Northern Ireland!!

I would just like to thank you for the fabulous job you are doing with this web page. I have run golf society on and off for 30 years and it is only now I have found your page. It is a revelation, It has made my job a hundred times easier. It contains everything a society secretary needs and I have already recomended your page to two more societys and I am sure they will be the same as me and love it.

Society Golf is a great site, easy to use and follow, makes life so easy for all our society members.

Just seemed the time of year to say thanks for the website. We are still using it to great effect for our society with signing up for competitions and society events etc and finding it very helpful for keeping people in touch. I think we may even have introduced one or two of our "older" members to the world of the pc!

Excellent website by the way, I can't begin to tell you how much easier it makes for communication and organisation. Thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks and congratulations on the website. It is excellent. Our society has gone from 24 to 43 in the space of 1 week! I believe your website has contributed greatly to this. It provides everything a society needs! First Class, Many thanks.

Thanks very much for setting up such a useful resource for golf societies.

I have just taken on the admin for our society and using your web rescourse has been excellent. I have just gone in and added next years dates and competitions etc, updated the galery and looking to use the site to its maximum potential through the next year. Thanks for an easy to use site I have managed to pick it up with ease.

A big thank you for all the work you have put into this site, feedback from the members is very positive. We held our first successful event on Saturday and everyone agrees that this site will be a very important tool moving our society forward in a professional manner.

Just joined yesterday! Great site and very easy to use. Keep up the good work. Its takes the pain out of running an event and feedback from members today is great!

I opened our site earlier this month and have already received great feedback from our committee and members who appreciate the benefits of online management of our society business. With minimum effort, we have been able to move the workaday business of our society on to a very professional and easy-to-manage basis. Thank you so much for a tremendous service.

Just wanted to say that we are very grateful to you for providing what is a very important service to myself and the rest of the society and the help we have had from you during this, a very successful year for us. The competition tables turned out to be a great help in running our annual singles and doubles competitions and cut down my workload massively.

Quite truly the best Interactive website I have ever used.

Absolutely brilliant. This has saved me so much time and effort and allowed all 38 of our members to keep in touch with the events we plan through the season. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again for all your hard work and all the new improvements to the site, they are great. We have been using your services for 5 years now and can't thank you enough for providing such a good service.

This is a great site, well run, everything you need to run a golf society, all so easy to use. Just a big thank you from us all for providing such a useful resource!

I felt I had to let you know how impressed I am with your program. This will save me so much time in the future and really enhances the administration of our club. Brilliant!

Firstly, as a newcomer to the site and the world of organising a golf society, can I say how impressed I am with the website you have created here. It has certainly assisted me in the formation of my golf society.

I must admit that when I came across your site I was gettng ready to make my own version and looking at what was currently out there for inspiration - but your site covered almost every single aspect I could think of! You can tell you've put some time into it, and it works very well. I just cant believe its free, its such a quality service!

Been using the site for the last 2 months. It has been a great help in organising our first two golf days of the year and all of our members have nothing but praise for the site. Thanks very much.

Great site have been using it for just over a month and find it invalueable for keeping members informed we have just under 50 members and I have only positive comments thank you for a great service.

We are a small society with around 20 members and since joining Society Golfing in the later part of 2007 I have received very positive comments from virtually all of our society members saying how good and helpful the site is. I am in total agreement, this is an excellent site and I recommend it to my fellow golfers whenever I can.

This is a great site, well run, everything you need to run a golf society, all so easy to use ....informing members, handicaps kept and updated all at the touch of a button .....all I can say is WELL DONE and THANKS.

Just a big thank you from us all for providing such a useful resource! It's kept us honest re handicaps and the round robin every Sunday with results keeps the outliers in touch. A great idea.

You have brought together over 50 people and around 22 games of golf over the past few years each and every one of them are staunch members many play for there own clubs but just love our get together, and this has been done by this site. members aged from 12 to 84 now play. 50 thank you's from us all.

I have used this site for a few years now and think it's great. Mike has been very helpful whenever I have a problem, well done.

Just want to thank you for such an excellent web site, such a great facility for keeping in touch with members and sharing information. This must have taken a great deal of hard work so I cannot thank you enough.

This website is fantastic, it really helps in making even the basic Golf society a lot more professional it also helps communicate information a lot faster and keeps all members up to date with any information.

Our use of the website is going from strength to strength. We have just successfully held our first event, using the site for people to book a place, get all the details and a map for the venue, thru to publishing results and kicking off our Order of Merit (Player of the Year) table. We've also drawn the first round our Singles Knock Out 'FA Cup' style and its now set it up on the site so that future rounds will be handled automatically. Nothing but favourable comments from all that have used the site, and I'm finding it very easy to manage. Thanks.

Just to let you know that we are just loving using your website for our society and can only say a huge thanks to you for providing such a fantastic tool. We have all just returned from a 3 day trip to Carnoustie and entering all our scores; the anticipation it creates among the members is terrific.

Just finished putting in my society info how easy was that. What a fantastic site you have provided I know it will save me time and effort and my members will find it easy to use and very informative thanks very much.

I have been using your site now for a couple of weeks and getting our society guys used to how it works. I must say that it is just superb and they all love it. No more handicap squabbles either! This is a great tool for a golf society to have access to and we can only thank you profusely for providing it at no charge.

Many thanks for developing and maintaining such an excellent, easy to pick up/maintain, service for Golf Societies. We will find it very useful.

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say what a great (free) product you offer. I recently enrolled with you and have gone about the process of entering some historical info as well as publishing our 2007 event online - and guess what our guests are already responding, its amazing and everyone really likes the website! That's all really, I just wanted to say thanks, its great what you are offering and I am so pleased I found your services.

Sincere Thanks, Your help is much appreciated and have no doubt your website will continue to be of massive benefit to all society golfers out there. I have found it an enormous help.

Just to add our comments on how useful this site has been. Every idea and section has been useful. Thanks.

Excellent service Mike, don't think we could run our society without it now. Many thanks.

Having just had our first event of the season last weekend, I have been searching for a viable online option in which we can display all our society needs. The set up of you site is fantastic and will prove to be a big with all our members

Just dropping you a note to say what an excellent set up you have for society golfing. All my members who have access to the site think it is supurb.

Just a line to say what a great thing the Society Golfing pages are. We have been established for some 6 years now and are EGU registered. I would be lost without the society pages we run using your site. All our members think it's great, and so easy to use for contact details and 'signing up' for events etc. Well done for creating such a great facility for us Societies to use.

We have now officially launched our web pages to our members. We had a committee meeting on Tuesday and two days later we were up and running. Fantastic. We can hardly believe it. We are all very grateful for this opportunity you have given us. So if you are ever visiting Oslo you have a few brownie points to use up.

Thought it was about time I dropped you a line as we've been using your fantastic website for a while now. I am part of the committee for my particular golf society and I, along with the other members who have viewed your site, think it is tremendous to have so much work done for nothing so, a big fat thankyou from us!

We have now been using your site for over 3 years and I just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for the continued service you offer. As organiser, the site provides me with all the tools I need in order to co-ordinate all aspects of our society from my desktop! Cheers for a great service!

Many thanks, told of your site by fellow golfer, for free! I thought it can't be up to much, how wrong I was, excellent site, gives our members invaluable information wherever they maybe, keep up the good work.

You are doing a great job, it makes my life easy when contacting the society members. The members are very impressed with your web site and they would like to pass on their thanks for the effort you have put in to it. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Excellent site. This has saved us hours of work. It is so easy to use and all our members think it is first class for the way it is set out and the information it provides. Thanks for all YOUR hard work in making this site possible, it is very much appreciated.

This is a great web page. The members love it.

I have only set up our society details on your website a week ago but I am very impressed with all of the applications I have used so far. Keep up the good work.

Now we are in our second full year we are going to make great use of this site. Even our technophobes can understand how to use it. a great idea and extremely useful. Thanks for all the effort you have put in to it.

I think this site is superb, easy to use and all our members agree. Well done.

Your Society Page is ACE !!! It's just what we've been looking for. Our members are all over the place (BT employees mostly) and this will make a great place for them to get information.

Have today gone live with our Society Web Site. I've had great fun putting the information on, it's so easy to understand, well done.

Thanks for the individual stats and subsequent eclectic information. I'm impressed with the speed at which it was done, as well as the lateral thinking put into its design.

Our members will love this.

...Also, I would like to congratulate society golfing for running such an excellent service.

A fantastic site !!!!. We are a works society working different shifts so it makes notices and advance event details so easy. Every society member has loved the site. Keep up the great work & Keep it FREE. Thanks.

At long last the internet actually provides value, a facility that actually understands the issues of running a golf society. Society Golfing provides all the necessary functions to save time in respect of organisation, whilst facilitating enhanced communication amongst our members. And its free!

Keep up the good work.

The site is very useful and is improving all the time. We would be lost without it.

We are a well established society with 45 members, this is a fantastic site, everything you need to run your society with ease and efficiency. The members love the idea of having their own site, viewing results etc. The support, understanding and enthusiasm you receive from Mike is fantastic. Try it, its free and it works.

Keep up the good work. Even the more technically challenged members are coming round to the merits of the site as an effective means of communication.

This is a fantastic idea and is extremely useful...

Your web site has been a great help for both me, since I don't have so much work to do, and to my members, who will find it a great benefit.

...Thanks for all your help which is greatly appreciated. Our society has been running for eleven years we are now looking forward to developing it in a much more organised fashion and we appreciate this facility to go 'dot com'!

... It really is an excellent idea for a web site, I wish I'd thought of it myself...

... thank you for your help I am sure our society will make good use of this thanks again for your time and help.

... just a short message thanking you for your e-mail. I was playing today with some of our society members and they are very impressed with your web site and they would like to pass on there thanks for the effort you have put in to it. I would personally like thank you for passing on Lelia's e-mail to me and just to let you know Lelia will now be attending our next meeting. Thank you


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